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Hi, I'm Jamin!

Let's Make a Difference


Duluth, GA!


Duluth, Georgia

Over the last 10 years Duluth has experienced thoughtful and intentional growth... a rebirth.


Just visit downtown Duluth and you'll feel the new energy.

BUT...we have more work to do!

We need to talk about Transit, Jobs, Housing, Public Safety and maintaining the City Center, Neighborhoods, and Parks.


Putting My Experience to Work

I was born and raised in South Atlanta. My family and I have been residents of Duluth, GA for the past 16 years.  Duluth is our home. I've seen it grow from a sleepy downtown with a cool city hall to the always active Downtown  which we love to enjoy the many awesome events. 

But Duluth is more than its downtown. How do we keep investing in our downtown while also paying attention to the rest of the city?  It is important to keep investing in the downtown because of the ripple effect of energy created that spreads out to the rest of the city. I care about my community and want Duluth to thrive. I consider myself a stakeholder in the city and community.

For the past 26 years, I have worked in the housing industry developing and managing apartment communities. I am the Executive Vice President and Partner at The Management Group. My company developed and managed the beautiful District at Duluth. I take pride in maintaining clean communities and taking care of our customers. Managing large communities has taught me much about asset preservation, team management and the importance of community.  So my experience informs my opinions and decisions.


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